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Retro Rentals can now proudly announce our new line of postcards, doilies, fridge magnets, teatowels and coasters coming to a dodgy online store near you in the near future! b a d c
We just found out that we dont even have to pay people from poland to model our Retro Rentals ski wear they love it so much! You go girls.. b a d c
what a pose … b a d c
seasoned Retro Rentals super model Polly Baker baring all for a Folgefonna Summer Snowboard & Ski Camp sunset photoshoot. Showing off her unique take on pole dancing… b a d c
you can still  dance on crutches … b a d c
Vico, in some retro 80s ski wear falling off a cliff b a d c
b a d c
b a d c
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"We wear your granddad’s clothes, we look incredible.Were in these big ass coats,from that Emmaus down the road” b a d c
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